ECSA webinar on "Is the EU ETS the best way to decarbonise shipping?"

28 Jan 2021

The lively discussions in the webinar held on 27 January further highlighted the importance of getting it right, so that shipping can reach its carbon-neutral objectives - a common goal shared by the industry, policymakers and civil society.  

The 1.5 hour panel was moderated by Martin Dorsman, Secretary General of ECSA, while the industry's framework conditions were presented by Sotiris Raptis, ECSA's Environment Director.

The panel featured:

  • Jytte Guteland, MEP, Coordinator S&D Group in ENVI committee, European Parliament
  • Beatriz Yordi Aguirre, Director European & International Carbon Markets, DG CLIMA, European Commission
  • Faig Abbasov, Director for Shipping, Transport & Environment
  • Claes Berglund, ECSA President
  • Philippos Philis, ECSA Vice-President

Click here to watch the re-run of the webinar on our Youtube channel:

Here are the documents pertaining to ECSA's framework conditions for an MBM:

ECSA looks forward to organising a follow-up webinar to take stock of the progress of the file and to discuss industry’s input.