ECSA welcomes the European Commission's package on tourism and transport in 2020 and beyond

14 May 2020

Comprising five documents, the package touched on a common approach to lifting restrictions of free movement within the EU's internal borders, a common framework to support the gradual re-establishment of transport, common criteria and principles for tourism activities as well as recommendations on cancellation alternatives.

ECSA and its members welcome the Commission's engagement and the core message about the need to move towards re-opening in a co-ordinated and orderly fashion. The industry appreciates the Commission’s commitment to support tourism and the passenger transport operators, especially the goal-based approach the package has adopted.

"The package sends a clear message to member states that passenger operators need to be supported and that all the necessary measures to be taken to maintain their liquidity," said Martin Dorsman, ECSA's Secretary General.

“Another key condition to make the package work is the restart of crew changes globally and in Europe,” Mr. Dorsman continued. “The EU is uniquely placed to lead these efforts and set an example for other regions to follow. We therefore welcome the commitment of the Commission to be active in coordinating efforts by EU Member States so as to ensure that all the necessary services are put in place at the national level. Close coordination within the Commission between the different services responsible for maritime, aviation, land transport, health, accommodation facilities, police and border controls, visa and external affairs is crucial.”

The industry makes it its top priority to ensure the health and safety of passengers and maritime workers alike, and will continue to work with the European Commission to pursue the implementation of the package’s guidelines to ensure the safe and orderly reopening of transport and tourism.

Click here to download the Package on tourism and transport in 2020 and beyond.