European shipowners welcome ratification of the Hong Kong Convention as a major breakthrough

27 Jun 2023

14 years since the adoption by the International Maritime Organization, the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (Hong Kong Convention) was ratified yesterday. With the ratification by Bangladesh and Liberia, the Hong Kong Convention will enter into force in two years. This is a major breakthrough in ensuring adequate safety and environmental conditions for ship recycling.

The Hong Kong  Convention is finally set to enter into force, after its ratification by Bangladesh and Liberia. The Convention aims to ensure that the recycling of ships is carried out in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

 “The final ratification of the Hong Kong Convention is great news for improving ship recycling conditions internationally. The ratification of the convention is a major breakthrough. It will ensure that ships are recycled in a safe and environmentally sound manner internationally and will create an international level playing field.” said ECSA Secretary General, Sotiris Raptis

The Hong Kong Convention was adopted by 63 countries in 2009 and it sets requirements for ships, shipyards, flag states and authorities. The convention addresses safety, proper working conditions, environmental issues and how to deal with hazardous materials.